Sunday, September 23, 2012

Survive or Overcome

Romans 1:28

 I must receive an understanding of God's word. I must receive a revelation of his word. And retain it. Retaining it better equips me  to forsake the comforts of my flesh.

Which leads me to ask "Am I walking worthy of the Call?" Eph. 4:1, Col1:10, 1 Thes2:12. Am I walking worthy of the divine calling to which I am called? Have I forfeited my call? Only to embrace that which brings me comfort and a sense of security?

It was the comforts of slavery that kept the chidren of Israel in  the wilderness. In Exodus 14 it was the fear of the unknown. And as they continued it became the certainties of having their provisions met that got them distracted. Either way they decided that they were more comfortable in the  bondage of Eygpt than in the wilderness that was meant to set them free!

The Wilderness is real! It is a place of discomfort. It is a lonely place. Everything can not survive the wilderness.  In the wilderness a decision has to be made... To either thrive or die.
Thrive means to do well as in to become sucessful and profitable. It means to grow well, vigorously and healthy. There was a entire generation lost that forfeited their chance to leave the wilderness beacuse of the enability to grasp and retain the Words of the Lord. Instead they relyed on their "slave mentality"(seeNumbers32)

Slave mentality is our survival techniques & coping skills. But we are not called to cope or survive we are called to overcome!